Tutorial - Installing Linux to a USB memory Stick


Hi there folks,

Is it just me or is the idea of installing an Operating System to a USB pen just amazing. No matter how long I think about it, it doesn’t get boring. Laptops? Netbooks? If it’s portability you’re after, then how about an Operating System and all of you files in your pocket? Cool ! It’s a bit like planes - No matter how long I watch them for, I still wonder how they stay in the air… they go so slowly!

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Google Search Trends


OK, Google Trends is a very interesting and useful tool. I used it to compare the popularity of the various Linux distributions, how the browser wars match up, and the interest in Linux netbooks.

Check out charts here…

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Rocky Road to the Greener Grass


open_quoteWanting to convert a non-Linux user to the green green grass of home??

Then read on…..

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Nvidia VDPAU benchmarks



Below are the benchmarks I have put together in watching a High Definition video, with VDPAU, the video decoder for Nividia Linux drivers.. There are some surprising, and welcome results….

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SOLVED - XFX 9500GT - recent nvidia driver problems



OK, so my situation. I have an XFX nvidia 9500GT graphics card. I could not upgrade my Linux driver from 177.82 to any of the 180.** series, and I also could not update my Windows 178.24 driver to any of the 18*.** series. Why is this a problem for me? Well I really wanted the 180.22 Linux driver, for two reasons. The first being that I was informed that it resolved the remaining latency/performance issues with the KDE4 series, and also because it introduced VDPAU support into the Linux nvidia driver series. And anything new, I want.

Quick Guide - The Resolution

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World of Goo for Linux - unofficial Patch


UPDATE: All problems described below have now been fixed in beta 7 of World of Goo for Linux. Great work!

First of all, a quick link section.

Download link: Unofficial_WoG_Patch.tar.gz

Instructions: extract to the World of Goo directory (where the file “WorldOfGoo” sits).


  • Really basic usage! just double click the “WoGFixLinux” icon!!
  • command line usage: ./WoGFixLinux [--only-fix-sound] [--only-fix-compiz] [--verbose]

See below for more details….

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Belkin F5D7050 - Working in Ubuntu natively!


This is a HOWTO to get the Belkin USB wireless adapter: F5D7050 v5000 working with the native rtl8187b driver in Intrepid Ubuntu for wireless connectivity.

Name: Belkin F5D7050 (802.11g – 54Mbps)

USB ID: 050d:705e

Before I begin, I should tell you why I got to this point. I had this USB adapter “working” with ndiswrapper, in the sense that I could modprobe ndiswrapper, and it would make this device “ready”. I could even scan for access points, and get a list back. I could even authenticate onto an access point. The problem for me was (I now know to be fairly common) that I could not obtain an IP address from the DCHP server from the access point.

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Nvidia GForce, not KForce.


I often scratch my head when running into troubles with my Linux system. Thankfully, I’m quite comfortable sat at the command line, hacking away at /etc/[system]/*.conf or with$HOME/.[system]/*.conf. Unfortunately this isn’t much good for newcomers to the Linux world, but that’s for another blog posting. One thing that is becoming increasingly clear to me after using Linux for five or six years is that there is often a “which came first” question. I can give a few examples:

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Fedora QA (Qualety Ashurunce)


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Today was a sad day for the Fedora project. Some may say that I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill, others would say storm in a tea cup. No-one would say storm on a mole hill, or mountain from a tea cup. I abandoned Fedora when it was at its core level (Fedora Core 6) for a brief stint with the “in” crowd at Ubuntu HQ. Very shortly after, upon realising that I looked like the identical twin of the other “cool” guys at the party, I jetted over to the Novell gang for a bit of opensuse love. A Very configurable distro, and YasT (now Yast2) is a sturdy piece of work, although I found use for a small handful of the tools it offered. Things turned sour for me with the inexcusable handshake with Microsoft, and things have never been the same again - and I’ve been looking to move distro ever since. Then skipped along the ring road to find myself back at Fedora 10.

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