Google Desktop on Fedora 11 + 64 bit


So here’s how I managed to get Google Desktop working on my Fedora 64bit PC….


So there is a 64bit release of the Google Desktop, however, try as I might, I could not get Google desktop successfully indexing anything – local files, gmail emails etc.. etc…

Step 1…

So using kPackageKit (you can use your favourite package manager), I uninstalled Google Desktop X86_64, enabled the Google i386 repository, and installed the 32 bit version from the Google repository.

Step 2…

The second thing I noticed was that all the required library files are in /opt/google/desktop/lib . I found this out because the CLI call to gdl_service failed, as it could not find , which is in the /opt/google/desktop/lib folder. So I decided to declare the library path, before the call to run Google Desktop…

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/google/desktop/lib /opt/google/desktop/bin/gdlinux

et voila…. I go and check the status of the indexing, and it is indexing everything I requested – result !

Step 3…

So to clean things up.. I added the above command into a file: “MyGoogleDesktop” in my #HOME/bin directory. Then I chmod 755′d it, and added this tiny file to my KDE 4.3 “autostart” list in KDE 4 System Settings. (Note, for best practise, have the MyGoogleDesktop file as:


LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/google/desktop/lib /opt/google/desktop/bin/gdlinux

Step 4…

There may be a few gdl* services running, and rather than trying to find them using the ps command, it’s probably quicker and lazier to just reboot your machine, which also allows you to test your start up script too!


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