Quick Fix: Pulseaudio + Real Player


Here’s a quick fix in case you’re having issues with Real Player and pulseaudio….

It’s quite straight forward – Real Player does not have native pulseaudio compatibility, but thankfully pulseaudio handles Alsa streams no problem.

So we need to set Real Player to use Alsa, and the important aspect is to use “PCM Device” – “default”

To get this, open Real Player (Alt+F2 then “realplay”). Then “Tools” -> “Preferences”.

Go to the “Hardware” tab, and select the Audio Driver: “ALSA”, and edit the “PCM Device” to simply say “default”.


Click “OK”. You’ll probably need to restart Real Player for the changes to take effect.

Now, you should find that “realplay” should turn up in the Pulseaudio volume control. If you don’t use the Pulseaudio volume control, I strongly recommend you do. To use it, you need to run “pavucontrol”, which may or may not be installed by default depending on your Linux distribution. If you don’t have it, install it using your software package manager. In this utility, there are two important tabs called “Playback” and “Recording”, which detail each application using the pulseaudio server at that time. There is a right click functionality to edit which input/output devices are used for each application. So at this point, you can now change which sound device you want to play the sound from Real Player.


Hope that helps !

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By Rob
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