Nvidia VDPAU benchmarks


Below are the benchmarks I have put together in watching a High Definition video, with VDPAU, the video decoder for Nividia Linux drivers.. There are some surprising, and welcome results….

SOLVED - XFX 9500GT - recent nvidia driver problems



OK, so my situation. I have an XFX nvidia 9500GT graphics card. I could not upgrade my Linux driver from 177.82 to any of the 180.** series, and I also could not update my Windows 178.24 driver to any of the 18*.** series. Why is this a problem for me? Well I really wanted [...]

Nvidia GForce, not KForce.


I often scratch my head when running into troubles with my Linux system. Thankfully, I’m quite comfortable sat at the command line, hacking away at /etc/[system]/*.conf or with$HOME/.[system]/*.conf. Unfortunately this isn’t much good for newcomers to the Linux world, but that’s for another blog posting. One thing that is becoming increasingly clear to me after [...]