World of Goo for Linux - unofficial Patch


UPDATE: All problems described below have now been fixed in beta 7 of World of Goo for Linux. Great work!
First of all, a quick link section.
Download link: Unofficial_WoG_Patch.tar.gz
Instructions: extract to the World of Goo directory (where the file “WorldOfGoo” sits).

Really basic usage! just double click the “WoGFixLinux” icon!!
command line usage: ./WoGFixLinux [--only-fix-sound] [--only-fix-compiz] [--verbose]

See below [...]

Nvidia GForce, not KForce.


I often scratch my head when running into troubles with my Linux system. Thankfully, I’m quite comfortable sat at the command line, hacking away at /etc/[system]/*.conf or with$HOME/.[system]/*.conf. Unfortunately this isn’t much good for newcomers to the Linux world, but that’s for another blog posting. One thing that is becoming increasingly clear to me after [...]