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The domain is up for sale


Tweet The time has come to sell this domain. Over the last 3 years, the website has attracted just over 155,800 page views, from across the globe (thanks Google Analytics). If you’re interested in acquiring the domain: Please contact me directly: robstewart57 [then an at sign] gmail [then a dot] com It’s been fun! [...]

Generate Bibtex file for Authors on DBLP


Tweet Ever wanted a full DBLP database file containing all publication information for a given author (presumably yourself)? DBLP is a computer science bibliography database. Journals tracked on this site include VLDB, the IEEE Transactions, the ACM Transactions, and conference data. I’ve put together a dblp2bibtex utility, written in Haskell, that enables authors to download [...]

Calling all Bloggers: Semantic Text Annotation with RDFa


Tweet Connected web of semantic content The semantic web is not the “future”, it is the now. Semantic web technologies have matured in recent years, at the rapid rate in which enriched web content has emerged on the linked open data cloud. Take a look, ! Whatever language you choose to adopt, you can [...]

Ubuntu 11.04 Wifi for HP Pavilion [SOLVED]


Tweet For the HP Pavilion tx2500 model, you can get your wifi working by simply: $ sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source Then reboot !

Fedora 15: Back in the game!


Tweet I have previously blogged about the future direction of the Fedora project here But what is all of this skepticism around Gnome 3? Yesterday, I pushed through into Rawhide, so I could get my hands on the first major release of Gnome in many years. And may I just say: Congratulations to everyone involved in the [...]

Definitive Guide to LinkedData Visualizations


Tweet Aba-Sah Dadzie and Matthew Rowe have put together a comprehensive review of many of the LinkedOpenData and RDF visualization tools freely available. Find Matt on Twitter: Matt Rowe Take a look at the abstract, and the download link is on this page: Approaches to Visualising Linked Data: A Survery

Embracing git


I have 5 Linux machines that I use regularly, and usually spend about 20 minutes each morning making necessary scp:// calls. It’s completely unsatisfactory, and error prone.

Skype: Linux is a 2nd Class Citizen


Tweet Ok… so I might have made that title up, but hopefully you’ll get the idea. Skype Release Cycle Across Platforms I’ve put together an illustration that makes it clear, from where I am standing, that Linux is regarded as a 2nd class citizen, that does not deserve the love and attention that other platforms [...]

Fedora’s Target Market


So let me take some time to ask – What is the focus market for Fedora, and what does the future hold?

Screencast: Gnome 3 on Fedora 13


Gnome 3 Screencast on Fedora 13