SOLVED HP Deskjet Scanner with xsane in Fedora


To use a HP multi-function printer as a scanner in Fedora for use with sane, keep reading…

The default Fedora installation does not contain the relevant drivers for HP Deskjet scanners use with the sane software package (and probably other HP multi-function printers too).

The solution is simple… Run the following command as root:

#> yum install libsane-hpaio

Turn your scanner off then on, then the xsane software should detect your scanner, and you’re away!


  1. Greg Said,

    Thanks! That just saved me a lot of faffing about! Worked immediately, didn’t even need to restart the printer. Just restarted xsane/GIMP. =)

  2. Makarand Said,

    Is there any solution for Mint Os 11 also.


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