HTML5 video For YouTube in Chrome in Fedora


For those early adopters of Chrome, via the repository may find that the necessary codecs are not available for you to enjoy the (eagerly anticipated) HTML5 non-flash version of YouTube…

If you are one of these people, then let me point you to the solution. It will mean that you have to uninstall the chromium-browser package you have installed (remember to export any bookmarks you have!).

Go to the site:

Click either 32bit or 64bit .rpm . Once the package is installed, Chrome is ran via the google-chrome command, and import your bookmarks. This package seems to have the necessary codecs built in at compilation time, and I am now happily watching my YouTube subscriptions without a trace of Flash. Kudos to the Open Video Alliance, and a big win for open standards.

To watch HTML5 videos on YouTube, go to: and click “Join the HTML5 beta”.

Note: You obviously won’t get the more frequent “dev” builds from, and will instead receive the less regular beta updates from the Google repository (which is added to /etc/yum.repos.d/google-chrome.repo )


  1. Jon Pritchard Said,

    I applaud this initial test page from Google however find it puzzling why they haven’t included the Theora backend yet, leaving Firefox and its significant market-share out of the picture. Perhaps this will come later.

  2. Rob Said,

    Hi John.
    Yep, If you look at the call for HTML5 video in YouTube, most of the requests came with Theora attached. It is a beta, so maybe theora is still to come? Google certainly haven’t made that clear.

    I’m more interested in how they are going to implement high definition video, and annotations in html5 video.

    If they can use theora, the days of Firefox (and any other Linux browser) crashing with too many YouTube videos may be… OVER!! Joy!

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