Fedora 12 Fix for Amazon’s mp3 Downloader


Hi folks. If, like me, you want to download music legally, paying a fair price for it, and to obtain this music in a quick and way on your Linux PC or laptop, then Amazon mp3 Downloader may be the answer for you. Read on if you’re using Fedora 12, and you’re having problems with Amazon’s mp3 Downloader (I suspect you are…)

Unfortunately, the software packagers at Amazon have linked their Linux software against the libboost* libraries that were packaged for Fedora 11. Us Fedora users like the newest software available, so I’m sure, like me, you’re all using Fedora 12. If that is the case, then I’m sure none of you are using Amazon’s mp3 downloader – It doesn’t work with Fedora 12. This is a real shame, because I applaud Amazon’s efforts to deliver a Linux software package for downloading their mp3′s. Anyway, here’s the fix:

The Fix:

Download this file: Fedora12-Fix-For-Amazon-MP3

Open a terminal and cd to the downloaded file. Run: chmod 755 Fedora12-Fix-For-Amazon-MP3

Then, as root, run: ./Fedora12-Fix-For-Amazon-MP3

Now, open a web browser and go to: http://www.amazon.com/gp/dmusic/help/amd.html?&forceos=LINUX

Click “Download Now” for Fedora 11.

Open another terminal and cd to the downloaded .rpm file.

Now run: rpm -Uvh amazonmp3.rpm --nodeps

The Result:

You should now be able to run the Amazon mp3 downloader by running the command: amazonmp3

P.S. – If you’re wanting to know about Amazon’s policy on mp3 vs FLAC and open source vs closed source, click here for their very open reply they sent to me in response to these questions.


  1. mrguitar Said,

    Great post, but it’s not working on either of my 64 bit F12 boxes. :(
    I have resorted to using a KVM VM running XP. yuck.

  2. Rob Said,

    Hi Mr Guitar,

    Do you want to perhaps post the error you get when you run “amazonmp3″ from the command line in a terminal window?

  3. uhle89 Said,

    Today I tried the present version 1.0.9 of the downloader published by AZ. It is still labled “fedora9″ however, it installed smoothly on my F12 (x86_64) after I installed several i386 libs which were missing.
    The key is that e.g. the present boost rpms from ‘fedora updates’ also install the older links to *.so.5
    /usr/lib/libboost_system.so.5 -> /usr/lib/libboost_system.so.1.39.0


  4. Michel Dufresne Said,

    This is great – thanks so much for the tip!

  5. plasmoidia Said,

    Thanks for the tip! It’s working great for me on F12 x86_64.

  6. Nathan Said,

    Worked flawlessly… until I got this part from Amazon:
    We are sorry…
    We could not process your order. The sale of MP3 Downloads is currently available only to US customers located in the 48 contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    Now, I know that this isn’t a fault in the install process you’ve given here (Thanks by the way), but it would have been real handy for me to know *before* I installed their closed-source propitiatory software. Posting this in case it saves someone else the effort.

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  8. dude Said,

    Looking around for something like this, but I found a work around, the windows downloader will work IF you turn off autoplay in the preferences. Heh note that you can’t mouse click it (preferences) either, you have to use alt+f to open file and then arrow down and hit enter. It works well after you turn off load the windows media player though (do this before you do any downloads)

  9. dude Said,

    I meant to say it will work using wine

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  11. achandra Said,

    Instructions set up the library links nicely, and mainly use the i686 packages. So theoretically it uses the i686 package set. I had to install libcurl.i686 to get it to work right, but seems to work just fine after that.

    Nice post.

  12. Steve Said,

    Rather than futzing around with rpm dependencies – just download ‘clamz’; works like a champ!

  13. Brittany Dunlap Said,

    I did as you said in your instructions and the following I can’t seem to fix..
    Error: Package: boost-graph-openmpi-1.47.0-3.fc16.i686 (fedora)
    Requires: boost-openmpi = 1.47.0-3.fc16
    Installed: boost-openmpi-1.47.0-6.fc16.x86_64 (@updates)
    boost-openmpi = 1.47.0-6.fc16
    Available: boost-openmpi-1.47.0-3.fc16.x86_64 (fedora)
    boost-openmpi = 1.47.0-3.fc16
    You could try using –skip-broken to work around the problem
    You could try running: rpm -Va –nofiles –nodigest
    [brittany@fedora16 Downloads]$ sudo yum install boost-openmpi
    Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit
    Package boost-openmpi-1.47.0-6.fc16.x86_64 already installed and latest version
    Nothing to do

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