Screencast: Gnome 3 on Fedora 13


I caved. Having lived with (and loved) the KDE 4 series from 4.0, I came across one too many Gnome 3 previews to not try it myself. Below is a screencast of how I’m finding it…


  • Pretty stable! (which is excellent as Gnome 3 is due in September UPDATE: Gnome 3 delayed – March 2011
  • After 20 minutes, I found the UI very intuitive
  • Gnome panels no more! I always found icon layout in the panels a little clunky
  • Smooth effects. Ignore the video glitches, the 3D effects are very elegant
  • Responsive. I am told to expect all Gnome apps using Gnome 3 libraries to run considerably quicker than those using the 2.** libraries
  • Brings parity between the Gnome vs KDE argument once again. It was my feeling that the KDE 4.3+ series had elevated KDE as the king of desktop environments


  • It is quite different from all previous Gnome UI’s. So any casual users, or novices might take longer than 20 minutes to adjust to the Gnome shell
  • It took me slightly be surprise when I click on an application icon when that software was already running. Just like in MacOSX, it just brings the existing software instance to the front of the screen. So, remember to right click the icon and “New Window”
  • The UI isn’t very configurable. e.g. I could not find a way to change the colour of the top bar. However, this may change before it “stable” release in September
  • Lacking some eye candy. I’ve used wobbly windows with kwin for a long time, and with compiz before that. There’s just something intuitive about wobbly windows. Maybe that’ll land before September, too?
  • So as far as I can tell, the only way to launch software with your mouse is to the “Activity Layout” (mouse to top left corner). In the past, there were simple right click options “add to desktop” and “add to panel”. I’m yet to decide if I prefer the new method, though it may well be true that I do indeed prefer it


  1. cristi Said,

    I am not sure I like Gnome Shell but I am looking forward to see what’s next in Gnome

    By the way, I try to add your blog in akregator, but it doesn’t work, neither rss or atom. :( ..
    Do u know how to fix the problem?

  2. Rob Said,

    @ cristi.

    Thanks ! RSS feed fixed. thanks for letting me know !

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