Installing Speed Dreams in Fedora


Speed Dreams is a fork of the famous open racing car simulator Torcs, aiming to implement exciting new features, cars, tracks and AI opponents to make a more enjoyable game for the player, as well as constantly improving visual and physics realism.

There are a bunch of RPM’s packaged for Mandriva, but I can confirm that these work Fedora, also.

Note: All 3 RPM files are needed to be downloaded and saved to the same directory.

32 bit 64 bit
Base Download Download
Robots Download Download
Data Download Download


rpm -ivh *.rpm


  1. Rui Correia Said,

    I’ve downloaded all the x64 rpm’s and issued the ‘rpm -ivh *.rpm’ from the downloads folder.
    Apparently it installed fine but when I try to launch it from gnome’s menu, I get an error message stating “Error – Could not launch ‘Speed Dreams’ – Failed to execute child process ‘soundwrapper’ (no such file or directory)”

    I’ve tried to look for any soundwrapper packages with ‘yum list soundwrapper’ but i didn’t get any hits.
    Could you please help me?
    I just don’t get it why Speed Dreams is not on Fedora’s repos…
    BTW, I’m on Fedora 13 x64 and I’m planning on moving to F14 a couple of days after it hits the streets.

  2. Rob Said,

    @: Rui

    Try installing packages:

  3. Rui Correia Said,

    Hi Rob.
    Thanks for your interest.
    I did as you instructed and installed alsa-oss, and the x64 versions of alsa-oss-devel and alsa-oss-libs.
    Yum complainted when i tried to install these later on their i386 versions saying that these 2 packages are not available.
    So I installed their x64 counterparts.
    But still getting the exact same error message.
    Unfortunately I’m still a newbie when it comes to Linux (only been using it for 3 months) otherwise I’d know where to check logs and things like that.
    Do you have any further tips for me?
    BTW, have you tried SD 1.4.0 on F13 x64?

  4. Rob Said,


    Do you have these packages installed:

    If not, install them.

  5. Rui Correia Said,

    Hi Rob,
    From those 3 packages, the only one that still was not installed was the 1st one.
    Nevertheless, after I installed I still get the same error message.
    Darn :(
    All help you can provide will be duly appreciated.

  6. Rui Correia Said,

    Hi Rob,
    Tried to install SD on a Fedora 13 x86 following your instructions but it complained about a bunch of *.so.0 and *.so.3 files missing.
    Couldn’t figure which packages were missing although all OpenGL packages were already installed.
    So, now I can’t install SD on Fedora 13 x86 and x64.
    Darn, darn, darn.
    I really think there should be a full-blown yum package on a repo because this game is great and because it’s way better than Torcs (which itself is very good too).
    Can you give me any further directions regarding F13 x64?

  7. Rob Said,

    @ rui .

    You might be close to a solution. You might simply have to make soft links to newer version of the .so.* files. Copy and paste the error messages, and I wll paste the “ln -s” command you need to run.


  8. Rui Correia Said,

    Hi Rob,
    Actually, those so.0/so.3 messages I got from a friend’s computer when I tried to install Madriva’s SD 1.4.0 RPM’s.
    He’s running Fedora 13 x86 on his computer.
    On my computer I’m running Fedora 13 x64 and I get an error message stating “Error – Could not launch ‘Speed Dreams’ – Failed to execute child process ‘soundwrapper’ (no such file or directory)”.
    I followed your instructions to install alsa/pulseaudio packages but I still get the same error message.
    I’ve reached a dead-end.
    Do you think I can try anything else?

  9. Rob Said,

    hhmm, Taking .so.* files another PC is not advisable. I would try and undo that step, if you can remember the .so files you copied. I have posted a similar fix for the Amazon mp3 downloader, see:

    That is the way to link .so.[n] to .so.[n-1]

    The ray of hope I can give you is that I too run Fedora 13, and I am playing the game with no issues, using those Mandriva rpm’s. I suggest – you uninstall those rpm’s, remove those .so.* files you copied across. Install the rpm’s again, and “ln -s” from within your own /usr/lib64/ directory.

  10. Rui Correia Said,

    Hi Rob,
    I am terribly sorry but it seams that my control over the English language was not enough to explain myself clearly on my last post.
    When I said that “I got those so.0/so.3 error messages from a friend’s computer” I mean to say that I tried to install SD on his computer and I also got error messages.
    Actually I didn’t copy any files from his computer into mine nor the other way around.
    I am just stuck at square 1. On my computer I get pulse/alsa error messages whereas on my friend’s computer I get so.0/so.3 error messages.
    Seems like the plague has hit Fedora, lol.
    I wish I had already learned a bit more about Fedora/Linux so that I could investigate myself what’s wrong.
    Thanks for your time trying to help me, though.
    If you think of anything else, just let me know ;) .

  11. Rob Said,

    @ rui

    Well, if you posted the *pulseaudio* error messages, that might be useful. Other than the complaint about “soundwrapper”. Are there pulseaudio errors? Please post.

    As for your friends PC. .so.* “file not found* errors are often easily fixed with soft linking to newer versions in your /usr/lib64/ directory.

  12. Rui Correia Said,

    Hi Rob,
    I keep failing when I’m posting my difficulties.
    I haven’t seen any pulseaudio or alsa errors.
    The only “error message” that I’ve seen is the one about soundwrapper and since you told me to install pulse and alsa packages, I just assumed that it had something to do with them (pulse/alsa).
    My friend’s computer doesn’t bother me much because he doesn’t like car games. I just posted my findings on his computer because it is a Fedora PC and SD doesn’t install.
    Guess I’m stuck, huh?
    Thanks anyway.

  13. Chris Said,

    @Rui Correia Vdrift is in the Fedora repositories from at least 12 onwards. You can install it with something like:
    yum install vdrift

    Note: This version is usually quite out of date (6 months, more?) so I run the svn version. I won’t go into details here as it is a bit complicated but on the vdrift website there are a couple of pages on how to checkout, compile and run it.

  14. Chris Said,

    Wow Chris, way to post off topic. Sorry I saw the image and thought it was vdrift :( Please ignore my last comment.

  15. Rui Correia Said,

    Hi Chris,
    As you may remember, I had different issues with either F13 x86 or F13 x64.
    So I just came here to straight things up.
    Again, I am at my friend’s F13 x86 computer and I fixed the dependencies issues that were coming up whenever I tried to install SD.
    I just had to check those file dependencies using:
    yum provides [list of files missing] and it threw me the packages missing.
    Then I yum install [list of packages missing] and finally SD installed with no complaints.
    So, now I have both computers with the same error message when opening SD:
    “Error – Could not launch ‘Speed Dreams’ – Failed to execute child process ‘soundwrapper’ (no such file or directory)”
    If I ever find the cure for this error message, I’ll post here.
    Thanks for all the help you spared me.

  16. Eric Bauer Said,


    Did you ever get resolution to this problem? I am trying to install to Fedora13 and I am getting the same error with regard to the sound wrapper. I’ve installed all of the packages you listed above with no success. Please let me know if you have more advice.



  17. Eric Bauer Said,

    OK, so I guess will answer my own question for all you Fedora people out there. If you installed as stated above, the command to launch the game from the applications menu–> games will be

    soundwrapper /usr/games/speed-dreams

    Get rid of the soundwrapper and just execute


    It worked for me

  18. Anderson Said,

    Hey, I got the same problem Rui had and I managed to work around it. You have two options.

    #1 – Open the Terminal and type speed-dreams (with the dash)
    #2 – Edit your shortcut. It is pointed to open soundwrapper then speed dreams. Delete the soundwrapper from you speed dreams shortcut on kde menu editor (righ click on the Fedora menu and choose Menu Editor). If you are using GNOME, I don’t know how to do it because I never used GNOME.

  19. Josh Dye Said,

    Yes, it works fine without soundwarpper; I use Fedora 16 KDE

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