Embracing git


Adopting git has been on my TODO list for many months. I have 5 Linux machines that I use regularly, and usually spend about 20 minutes each morning making necessary scp:// calls. It’s completely unsatisfactory, and error prone.

2nd February 2011 is a significant day for me... It is the day when I fully embrace git for my code and document versioning requirements.

Bare Repo1: PhDgit
- Latex source files
- Haskell source files

Non-Bare Repo2: Projectgit (with 5 other institutes on SerenA http://www.serena.ac.uk/ )

Bare Repo3: Fluxboxgit
- .fluxbox/keys

Why did I not do this 12 months ago? I get an extra 20 minutes in every day.. git pull !

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By Rob