Android: Increase Internal Memory on Rooted Phones


Low Internal Memory Problem

One irritating thing about some Android phones is the lack of internal memory. It was a problem for those who owned the very first Android phone, the G1 (like me!), who got left behind when the Android ROM for the 2.* series was bigger than the G1′s 70mb memory.

It continues to be a problem in the Android 2.* series, for phones such as mine (HTC Desire), which has 148mb internal memory.

I’m using Cyanogen’s mod 6.1.1, which is based on Android 2.2. Even with Android 2.2′s ability to move applications to SD card, to save on space, I still have a large chunk of the 148mb internal memory taken by applications (plus their data) which were installed as part of the vanilla Android ROM. This includes many Google apps like Gmail, Calendar etc.. and also Facebook, Twitter etc…

Android, when low on internal memory, is designed to reduce it functionality, such as no longer synchronizing with the Cloud (gmail, Facebook etc..) and, worse – rejects SMS messages as a safety measure. Which is something that puzzles me, and many other people, in this bug report. Even after using the very useful Cache Cleaner NG application, I hover at 18-20mb.

The Solution!

Thankfully, I have flashed my phone with the Cyanogenmod. Excellent instruction on how to do this is found here.

Once you have done this, you can Wipe Dalvik Cache, which gave me a crucial 11mb, taking me up to 26mb of free internal space.

Step 1

Hold down the Power button, and this popup will appear.

Hit: “Reboot”

Step 2

Hit “Recovery”

Hit “OK”

Step 3

Use the tracker (in the middle of the physical buttons at the bottom of the handset) to scroll down to “Advanced”, and then push the tracker, to confirm selection.

Step 4

Scroll to “Wipe Dalvik Cache”, and press the tracker to confirm.

Step 5: Use the recovery mode navigation to reboot your Android phone.

Step 6

Hooray! I have grabbed an additional 11mb.

Good luck…

Disclaimer: If you destroy your phone attempting to do this – I take no responsibility at all. You found this website, and you’ve chosen to give this a go! (though it worked for me and I’m a happy chappy now).


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  2. jason Kitney Said,

    And you are happy with 25MB free???!!!! not enough :(

  3. Techs Palace Said,

    You can also use your SD card as second partition with links to / partiotn of your root. Here’s an easy guide for that

  4. vp singh Said,

    How can i increase phone memory of samsung gt-s5830??pl help.. Give instructions

  5. riyasdeen Said,

    hi dude am planing to buy an sony errision neo v . It has 512 mb of rom and internal memory is 1gb (useable 320 mb)…….. will internal memory affect my phone upgrade in frutre or any will face pls mail me

  6. Amit Shinde Said,

    I was facing the same issue. The issue was resolved by following the steps in the below link.

    Also they have page in facebook. Like it to get more useful tips for android

  7. Rob Said,

    @riyasdeen 512mb is a lot better than the 150mb on the HTC Desire. I think it’s safe to say that 512mb is enough for now, though I’ve noticed that the most popular games on the markets are 20mb+.

  8. allen Said,

    partition sd card that be use as a internal memory through link2sd software.but first you have to root your phone

  9. kamal shah Said,

    just 25 mb, :(

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