Fedora 15: Back in the game!


I have previously blogged about the future direction of the Fedora project here

But what is all of this skepticism around Gnome 3? Yesterday, I pushed through into Rawhide, so I could get my hands on the first major release of Gnome in many years. And may I just say:

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Gnome project !!!

Gnome 3 feels very sleek, unobtrusive, extremely solid, and intuitive. There may be (deliberate) functional omisions through its design mandate, but give it time – a few things feel more natural after a few hours of using the environment. Such as the lack of a maximize button… For a start, I’ve been a KDE user for the last 3 years, and I’ve always used the ‘drag-to-edge’  function for doing this. And this behavior just feels `right’.

Well done designers, coders, testers, contributors… The fact Gnome 3 will be the default DE for Fedora 15 really does put the Fedora Project back in the game!


  1. Matt Joiner Said,

    I’m not sure it puts Fedora back in the game, but it might keep GNOME in the game.

  2. DigiFree Said,

    Well for me if Fedeora was GNOME 3 only it would easily put it out of the game. I just can’t get used to the new GNOME. In my opionion they just made it worse only a bit better looking. So what new Fedora betas did for me is push me out of my GNOME comfort zone after years of using it and made me try other desktops. And damn I was relay pleasantly surprised with KDE. Not only does it look better, it also has all the right features. I have the feeling it is what GNOME 3 should actually be and it was all there. Too bad I didn’t take a look at KDE earlier. It looks like when time to upgrade my machines to F15 comes I will be a new GNOME to KDE convert.

  3. Rob Fitch Said,

    I have never liked Gnome. In the past it’s been slow and quirky. I started with KDE years ago and never looked back. Unfortunately I have to fight with the installer just to make Gnome not be the default. I can’t disable it. There always seems to be some piece of Gnome on my machine even though I deselect the button under the Window Manager section. Then I have to manually edit /etc/sysconfig/desktop to set KDE as the display manager. It’s frustrating that Gnome is being pushed so heavily.

    I administrate a machine at work that uses Gnome under RHEL5. It’s better than before but still not as good as KDE.

  4. John Ortiz Said,

    I’m thinking about to take Unity or G3. I think that desktop environments must adapt to user though. For example, Web browsers have been constructed to facilitate the user navigability and readability. Are you using both DE?

  5. Matthias Said,

    I should try it out as well… is there a Fedora live cd which comes with Gnome 3?
    The latest Ubuntu live cd has Unity as default DE as far as I know… certainly also worth a try.

  6. Rob Said,

    Hi Matthias,

    May I recommend that you wait until the 24th May. Fedora 15 is out then, and you’ll be able to grab a live CD from their main site on that day.

  7. Chris Kerr Said,

    Upgraded f14 -f15 via preupgrade May 25th. Kernel crashed 8 times that day! Never had single crash in 5 years of using Fedora (5 onwards), Ubuntu, Mint. Did clean install from DVD iso but still experienced 2 crashes. All under Gnome 3 sessions. Switched to XFCE. So far so good though cannot install VLC nor FFMPEG. Checking rpmfusion site don’t think they’ve branched to F15 yet. Have to use Real Player for multimedia which is a drag and of course limited.

    I’m just a grumpy auld git with little time for eye candy though! Simple menus and the command line for me!

  8. sinbad@linuxthebest Said,

    yeah not everyone know’s about that…but you can bring new features in the game by editing …and fedora ? it’s awesome :D

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