Generate web reports for GPS track files


I’ve updated my hobby project over the Christmas holidays. It combines my enjoyment for cycling in and around Scotland, with my addiction to Haskell programming. The source code is on Git Hub, here

Screenshot of the software in action

The main changes from the previous release include:

  •  Generating Open Street Map images with the GPS track overlays is now much quicker
  • Added runtime flags to generate tar archives for the generated web content
  • Bug fixes

To install and use the software, you first of all need the haskell-platform, and then cairo, GraphcsMagick and gtk2hs-buildtools. For example, on Fedora Linux:

$# yum install haskell-platform GraphicsMagick cairo gtk2hs-buildtools


$ cabal update
$ cabal install gps2htmlReport
$ gps2HtmlReport --help
 gps2HtmlReport [OPTIONS]
 A Haskell utility to generate HTML page reports of GPS Tracks
 and Track overlays on OpenStreetMap tiles
 Common flags:
 -i --imageonly Generates only an image of the track overlay on an OpenStreetMap layer
 -a --archive Produce tar archive for web and image files
 --hashnames Create reports in hashed directory names
 -h --help Display help message
 -v --version Print version information
 -V --Verbose Loud verbosity
 -q --quiet Quiet verbosity

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By Rob