Generate Bibtex file for Authors on DBLP


Ever wanted a full DBLP database file containing all publication information for a given author (presumably yourself)? DBLP is a computer science bibliography database. Journals tracked on this site include VLDB, the IEEE Transactions, the ACM Transactions, and conference data.

I’ve put together a dblp2bibtex utility, written in Haskell, that enables authors to download all publication data from DBLP, for a given author. It’s open source on GitHub. Usage:

dblp2bibtex [OPTIONS]
A Haskell utility to generate bibtex files for an author identified with a DBLP URI

Common flags:
-g --generatebibtex=Author URI Get bibtex file for given URI
-s --search=Author name Search for URI by name (e.g. "Joe Bloggs")
-l --listpapers=Author URI List papers for an author URI
-o --outfile=Bibtex filename (default 'export.bib')
-x --xref Include cross reference entries
-h --help Display help message
-v --version Print version information

For an example of use, and instructions on how to download and install, see this README on the GitHub page. Any problems, feedaback.. or pull requests ;-) then get in touch!

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